Ocean 7 Motel ~ Ocean City, NJ   phone schedule

Before booking please review the following-
if any of this is unclear, please call us via the phone schedule above.

-rates are loaded for 2018
when you get to the online booking engine, enter your dates first,
then click the blue "check availability" button at the top right
if you are looking for less than 5 nights, (aside from holidays)
be sure to select the REPEAT & Word of Mouth rate
It's gonna be a splendid year... Some very needed changes on the way.

-You cannot book a single night on Memorial Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th
-you will have to stay 3 nights to book July the 4th
-Fri/Sat pairs are restricted in summer June 15th through Labor Day Weekend
-Saturday alone from June 6th through September 29 is not allowed

Quickjump to discounts for the holidays


Arriving  Friday May 25,      3 nights  · 4 nights
Arriving Saturday May 26,   3 nights · 4 nights  

Arriving Friday October 5th, 2 nights · 3 nights
Arriving Saturday October 6th   2 nights

For the 5 night & more WEEK specials and 
5 night and more NOHK special
Use that as promotional code for these rates

Enter your dates first, then you must click 'check availability'
then enter the promotional code under 'rate options'

The no housekeeping version is only available 
Opening April 27th through June 14th (checkout 15th)
and From September 2nd to October 7 (checkout 8th)

3% Cash discounts on daily stays: 
---  You can book by calling directly the hotel
see the phone schedule at the bottom of the main page
for hours reservation hours pre-season

You will have to enter a credit card to book online.
You do not have to enter a correct expiration date or CVV
Do so, put in the notes that you'd rather mail in a deposit
We'll send you a confirmation that reflects the difference

Cash discounts on daily stays:
--- You can book by calling directly the hotel
(click above 'phone schedule' above for hours pre-season)

Via online booking, pick your dates first then click 'check availability'
then enter under 'rate options' the promo code of CASH
the discount will NOT be shown via the web engine
But the confirmation email I send will give both amounts
This adjustment is made on arrival unless paid in full

If you've stayed before, and the rates seem really wrong/too high-
Please proceed with the reservation, and make a note of it in the notes field
We will review the history, and make corrections if needed.. Conversely

Temporary disclaimer:
A reservation may need to be rejected if the rates loaded have errors
All reservations made online are considered requests
until you receive a confirmation e-mail from the motel
Separate from the one sent via the booking website, containing reservation confirmation
 This will come within 3 business days maximum.