Ocean 7 Motel ~ Ocean City, NJ CALL (609) 398-2200 OR RESERVE HERE

Before booking please review the following-
if any of this is unclear, please call us at the number above.

0-I've loaded what I THINK are the rates for 2017   

     if you are looking for less than 5 nights, (aside from holidays)
     be sure to select the REPEAT & Word of Mouth rate
     If you've stayed before, and the rates seem REALLY wrong/too high-
     Book the dates anyway, and put something in the notes telling me so
     I'll check the history, I'll get back to you, I'll see if I flubbed it
        It's gonna be a splendid year...   Some very needed changes on the way.

1-You cannot book online for a date less than two weeks from today
2-You cannot book a single night on the Memorial Saturday or Sunday
3-you will have to stay 3 nights to book July the 4th
4-Fri/Sat pairs are restricted in summer, Mid-June through closing weekend
5- Saturday alone from June 1st through October 3rd is not allowed
If you attempt any of these, the booking engine will just stop at the final step.

Temporary disclaimer:
I may have to reject a reservation if I screwed up loading the minimums lenghts of stay or discounts.
All reservations made online are considered requests until you receive a confirmation e-mail containing deposit instructions.
This will come within 3 business days maximum.  I'm shooting for every other day at least during the week.

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